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In our case, during Value Stream Mapping, we realized that we should dig more into the purchasing tasks which were not discussed when making the SIPOC analysis. As you can see, your Value Stream Map often ends up different from your SIPOC. Value Stream Map is more important than SIPOC analysis. If you read a Value Stream Map even if you didn. The focus on non-value adding activities and waste removal strategies help drive efficiency and speed. As a result we spend less time and efforts! The course is practically based on a real case study which develops as we progress through it. We build and analyze together a Value Stream Map step by step. Value Stream mapping Value stream mapping was the first step as it would help the team understand what to improve. The core project team dedicated three days out of their regular schedule to value stream mapping only, knowing this time spent would more than make up for any “time lost” later.

Value Stream Mapping: Case Studies

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Using Cognitive Services to make museum exhibits more compelling and track user behavior Education, Entertainment, Government. Black Radley teamed up with Microsoft to use Cognitive Services to make museum exhibits more compelling by tailoring audio descriptions based on age, gender, and emotional state, and by tracking patrons as they traverse the museum exhibits.

Learn how a modern banking platform was built entirely on Azure using many different technologies compiled and deployed with Visual Studio Team Services. Scomi Engineering worked with Microsoft to move their monorail monitoring solution to the cloud by using a combination of open source technologies and. NET on the Microsoft cloud platform.

Microsoft helped DroneGrid redesign their IoT solution and switch the back-end and front-end services to Azure PaaS services to give DroneGrid customers a better experience when using their software. MedApp, a very innovative healthcare company, teamed up with Microsoft to work in the Xamarin, Mobile DevOps, value stream mapping case study, and IoT areas to develop the best possible telemedicine solutions for customers all over the world.

Intelligent chatbot integrates with Instaply's messaging platform Telecommunications. Microsoft's Bot Framework enabled Instaply to automate responses to common customer questions, providing a helpful value stream mapping case study service, improving efficiency, and reducing the workload, value stream mapping case study.

Travelers want to find local favorites, but they don't know the names of local food, the nearest sightseeing spot, and so on. Typical apps don't help, so they ask locals Digamore Entertainment teamed up with Microsoft to build their new game backend on top of Azure Service Fabric and incorporate DevOps practices, helping them to reduce operational overhead and increase productivity.

Wirepas and Microsoft together created a solution that simplifies displaying massive amounts of sensor data collected for a parcel tracking service. They used Power BI Embedded, a fast and easy way to visualize large amounts of data. Leveraging Microsoft's platform and intelligent services, a high-end luxury shopping mall in Shanghai built a chat value stream mapping case study for its WeChat official account, allowing customers to easily find mall services and get quick answers to their questions.

Bot gives Weill Cornell clinicians fast access to medical data Health. A team from Weill Cornell Medicine and Microsoft built a chatbot to support the medical school's knowledge base, making searches for specific gene and cancer variations more efficient and reliable.

This article discusses the Booxscale Taxicode Bot that allows customers to order taxis quickly and easily from within the messaging channels they are already using. TechnologyOne teamed up with Microsoft to create a universal language bot to make university enrollment and daily university life easier for international students. Working with Microsoft, Three built a customer service chatbot that provides self-help to customers and reduces the need for agents to answer common questions.

MidBoss is a San Francisco-based indie game company. Using Desktop Bridge made it easy for this small studio to avoid inconvenient upgrades and deploy 'The Great Whale Road' to the Windows Store, greatly increasing its potential audience. IBTech, together with Microsoft, developed a cross-platform mobile application solution for their employees. Thrive games have been working on their lead game, Dragon of Legends with aspirations of delivering their game to the entire world.

The team at Thrive games wishes to capitalize on the proprietary game engine to be utilized on multiple platforms PC, OSX, Linux, iOS and Android in order to stay committed to making their game accessible to everyone. Being a Kickstarter funded start-up, Thrive Games needed value stream mapping case study cost-effective way to reach gamers on these other platforms.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions had been delivering new features for its innovation management app without automated testing of any kind. They knew this needed to change to maintain quality and avoid regressions. Working with Microsoft, they explored best practices for implementing this testing into their build-and-release pipeline. This groundbreaking work allowed for automatic continuous integration and testing of smart contracts to occur in the cloud. Burgan Bank, together with Microsoft, used Xamarin to develop a fully functional consumer mobile banking application.

Learn the process of converting a Unity game using Advanced Installer, adding Value stream mapping case study Tile updates to it, and publishing to the store. Microsoft France and Equadex partnered to help people with language disorders related to autism, dysphasia, or Alzheimer's disease by using Cognitive Services to automate image recognition in their Helpicto application.

Desktop Bridge and Intune make this easy. The bot lets users find information on performers, where and when they are playing, and nearby live music events. It also can help gigseekr build brand identity. Saito Kikaku wanted to meet the demand for a Windows Store version of its successful text editor software. With Desktop Bridge and a lot of communication, Saito Kikaku and Microsoft worked through the conversion process. A Microsoft hackfest helps a Taiwan e-learning leader build a media content management process as they expand their self-learning services.

RootPro wanted to meet the demand for a Windows Store version of its successful Hagaki Sakka greeting card software.

Beginning with a hackfest, RootPro and Microsoft worked through the conversion process. WealthArc wanted to simplify its software development and release processes, consolidate and unify tools for each team, and take the first step toward cloud automation. On DevOps-focused hackfests, value stream mapping case study, Microsoft helped WealthArc save time for nonpure development tasks in several areas by adopting DevOps best practices.

Clientscape worked with Microsoft to review their value chain from the bottom up in an effort to bring efficiency to their DevOps processes. Adopting a fully automated process and new technologies seemed impossible, yet it changed their world. With Desktop Bridge, value stream mapping case study, TeamViewer was able to begin distributing its new Blizz team collaboration app through an additional channel, the Windows Store.

PCL Construction partnered with Microsoft to digitize their manual new-hire onboarding process. Fagor Ederlan is looking to improve its aluminum injection molding process value stream mapping case study detect defective pieces earlier and enhance the overall quality.

This project demonstrates that it's not complex to send data to the cloud using secure and reliable services, analyze the data, and build maching learning value stream mapping case study to extract knowledge from it. Microsoft worked with Zion China to re-architect its mobile diabetes-monitoring solution. See how they used IoT Hub and other Azure services to enhance the solution for patients and healthcare professionals.

Bringing f. Microsoft helped f. In a continuation of the Croke Park Smart Value stream mapping case study project, a team developed a Machine Learning model for monitoring stadium sound that stripped out the external factors and presented more accurate value stream mapping case study in the form of Power BI Embedded reports.

The Buenos Aires city government partnered value stream mapping case study Microsoft to build an innovative IoT solution that used a fleet of drones to audit the pollution in the Matanza-Riachuelo River. During a hackfest with Microsoft, value stream mapping case study, Powel implemented a solution to help technical staff perform hands-free inspection of electrical grids in Norway.

Microsoft and Blue Dynamic conducted a hackfest to create a proof of concept for a new product. The scope was to capture customer faces with a camera, do real-time value stream mapping case study and analysis of the faces, and provide outputs for other systems and UI. With Industry 4, value stream mapping case study. They worked with Microsoft to build an Azure IoT solution and smooth out any technical issues that arose along the way. Building a tire monitoring solution with Tyre Express Logistics.

In this IoT hackfest, Microsoft teamed up with Tyre Express to connect their tire monitoring solution to the Azure cloud. Croke Park: Sound and weather data monitoring within a smart stadium Professional Services, Security. Sensors and gateways have been strategically positioned around the Dublin stadium to enable environmental monitoring, safety, and fan experience use cases. This diverse collection of data, which is stored on the Azure cloud platform, provides stadium management with real, actionable insights.

EDP, a leading energy producer in Portugal, wants to challenge startups to create an inexpensive end-user solution that enables customers to collect data on home energy consumption and explore ways of using the information.

EDP decided the best approach to such a challenge would be through a public hackathon, and its team worked with Microsoft to prepare for the event. This article describes how we converted an Adobe AIR tax application to a UWP app and published it in the Windows Store, including issues we found on the way and how we fixed them. Thermoplan uses Azure to manage data for its smart coffee machine Discrete Manufacturing, value stream mapping case study.

Finaeos adopts Xamarin. Finaeos adopted Xamarin, value stream mapping case study. Forms to extend their current web-based modular FinTech solution rather than build multiple native versions. Aegex Technologies and Microsoft worked together to build a Xamarin app for viewing device data in value stream mapping case study worksites to potentially save lives.

Iomote developed a way to communicate by voice with your kitchen, leveraging Azure IoT technologies for predictive and remote monitoring. Building a real time vehicle tracking system with MoveInSync Logistics. Smart shopping button for medical supplies Health. Microsoft teamed up with Origis to create a mobile app and device that enables elderly pharmacy clients to receive their prescriptions and medical supplies at home.

Poi Labs has 15, Bluetooth beacons across cities within Turkey for navigation and tracking purposes. Because the workload generated by one of its clients was going to create a huge load on the on-premises architecture, scaling the back end was crucial. This article and project is about building a Xamarin-based cross-platform app and integrating it with Cognitive Services and a bot developed by using the Direct Line API from the Microsoft Bot Framework. Microsoft helped Softplan insert Power BI Embedded reports into its SAJ desktop application to provide the court system with accurate and timely information.

Helping Rock in Rio integrate their website build cycle with autoscaling virtual machines Entertainment. Rock in Rio created a mechanism to ensure new versions of their website are correctly deployed to a pool of virtual machines by using autoscaling based on virtual machine scale sets in Azure.

Today the integration of automated tests with Visual Studio test plans is available only for. NET projects.

If you have a Java project, you can't associate your unit tests with the test plan items. This article discusses a solution to link single Java unit tests with a test plan. During a hackfest with Microsoft, Kongsberg tested an IoT solution that will provide their customers up-to-date data to make better, safer management decisions about loading conditions prior to a vessel's arrival and how much to load while berthed. DroneWorks Inc. Using Xamarin. Kinetic Software and Microsoft teamed up to build a Xamarin.

This helped reduce the cost and management overhead of the app that creates customized StopJetLag plans for travelers.


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Value Stream Mapping Case Study: Value stream mapping is the technique used in lean manufacturing, which is aimed at the reasonable choice of materials and information for the production of goods and services and quality supply of the product to the consumers. The process of value stream mapping got its name due to the procedure of drawing a map of the core elements required for the . VSM – The mapping Process Value stream mapping (VSM) is an effective tool for the practice of lean manufacturing. VSM approached the entire process flow in a three-step methods [4] in which first producing a diagram showing the actual material and information flows or Current State on how the actual process barrymoreps.ga by: The aim of this article is a practical demonstration of Value Stream Mapping method (VSM) for visualization and rationalization of processes and its use in the context of a real barrymoreps.ga by: 9.