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Data mining has proved to be more and more essential when it comes to making cost-cutting medicine, optimizing surgical procedures and keeping a check over pharmaceutical sales. Data mining can be used to find out the success rate and side-effects of a medicine in the market. We report on the panel discussion held at the ICDM'10 conference on the top 10 data mining case studies in order to provide a snapshot of where and how data mining techniques have made significant real-world impact. The tasks covered by 10 case studies range from the detection of anomalies such as cancer, fraud, and system failures to the. Hi, "DocvK" here preparing for using SAS & R for a fall semester class in Predictive Analytics. I intend to base this course on case studies and thus I am in search of such.

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Introduction Data is information often in the form of facts or figures obtained from experiments or surveys, used as a basis for making calculation or drawing conclusions, case study on data mining.

Mining is the process of removing minerals or in some cases acquiring information from its source. Therefore data mining is or sometimes called knowledge discovery is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information. Data mining is case study on data mining the process of finding correlations or patterns among dozens of fields in large relational database.

Usually this kind of data is stored in massive storages called warehouses. This is where sorting of the data and its organization is done Alhaji, Problem in context and its Motivation I am researching about case study on data mining mining because with the many case of fraud and unaccountability of many people, I saw a need to change the current situation and give solutions to these problems that seem to be here to stay.

This is one of the many problems that data mining can be useful. I found out in my studies that the internet is one of the areas that anyone can gather information. Without such equipment and their update, it can be very difficult to do research work. For instance, if the Wikipedia was not updated, we could be getting wrong information which may not be up to date, case study on data mining.

Therefore, this topic is not chosen at random but it came as a motivation because it has so many benefits that cannot be disputed. The fact that data mining can be used to in every sector and every area that you can think of is what motivated me to do a research on it.

Data mining is not something that you can dispute and it can be used by anyone anywhere to benefit himself and to grow his own business. Objectives These are some of the objectives of this research a To find the unseen pattern in large volumes of historical data which will help in the efficient management of an Organization.

Ways of Data Mining There are so many ways that data can be collected. We can use observation, counting, use of questioners, interviews etc. Data mining can be translated to useful knowledge about historical patterns and future trends. For instance it can be used to calculate the demand and supply relationship or to see if the company is making any progress i. Usually, enormous data is stored in data warehouses. Information in the data warehouses is mostly organized into departments and in a chronological way for ease of access to a particular section that one needs to visit.

For example in a restaurant, it can be used to determine case study on data mining and what a customer usually orders. This is very important especially when selecting a special meal for the day. This makes it easy for accessibility and correlation between different items. This is also useful in modeling where parallel information can be used to come up with new models. Particularly in the supermarkets, case study on data mining, items are arranged in such a way that those things that are closely related like the food stuffs is put in one section with drinks.

This is very helpful when it comes to preservation matters. Foods stuff which is put near strong scented items like perfumes; they smell less fresh due to the strong scent from the perfumes.

This is what is called modeling. This is one way of establishing trend automatically to solve different problems. Elements of Data Mining In data mining there are processes involved in order to ensure that the whole process is done flawlessly and in a very organized manner to ensure that the information stored is accurate and is maintained for further use, case study on data mining.

The first process is the extraction of data. This can be in form of research work in the field or in the laboratory or in the field like counting people in the case of census. It is usually referred to as crude data in terms of mathematics. This kind of information is to be collected in a random manner to ensure accuracy and to make the data more precise. This data should not be rounded up because by doing so this can increase the error in the calculation and can give wrong results.

Therefore it should be recorded in with keenness and with high precision to ensure accuracy of the projections or the analysis. After the data has been put together, it is now entered into the computer. This is the process called data entry. All this information is fed in the data warehouse. The second step is to store and manage the data in multidimensional database system. This is simply the organization of data for easier manipulation and calculation.

This is so because; if wrong information is entered in the computer it would automatically yield wrong results. Hence high level of concentration is required just as much as in the first step.

This is not only tedious but also expensive to a company since it has to employ many people to do the job. This section case study on data mining labor intensive and the only way to facilitate it with much keenness is by employing more people to do the job.

If this is not done, one may end up overworking the staff and due to much stress they may end up entering the wrong figures. After accurately entering all the data in the system, case study on data mining, it is then given to the analysts and information technology analysts who intern analyze the data using soft ware available depending on the type of data and the type of result they want to extract from the data.

In this stage, case study on data mining, we the company is required to have experts who are very good in their jobs to manipulate such enormous data to come up with accuate projections and patterns which can be used to solve other problems. That is, ones a pattern is established, and it can now be used to gather other important information which may be used at a later stage Allen, Finally the analysts present the data in a useful format such as a graph or a table for easier understanding and visualization or predictions.

Sometimes the presentation is done using a power point presentation, case study on data mining. This is usually done for easier visualization and interpretation of the data collected in the field. This is also done for easier understanding of those people who cannot be able to understand all the calculations done to come up with the outcome. This kind of presentation is done by the employee to his or her bosses as a final document on the findings and conclusions to the prior research.

Data Predictions Prediction of data is case study on data mining done through mathematical calculations and laid out patterns that have been laid out for data prediction. This is actually the essence of this whole process and it is vital that the predictions be correct since from this finding, it gives the way forward for that company. And case study on data mining such predictions the board can make decisions and draw out strategies to better the company.

Also, these predictions allow the company to allocate fund to a particular department for the purposes of growth or making more profit. The major ways of automatic predictions that are commonly used are; a Automated prediction of trends and behaviors This method is used to predict information in large databases. Quarries that required extensive hands-on analysis can now be answered directly and faster.

Such predictions may include forecasting bankruptcy, defaults and case study on data mining of a population to a given event. For instance; identifying products at the supermarket that are purchased together like steak and beer. Using data mining tools is when being implemented on high performance parallel processing, can analyze massive data within a split second making it very reliable.

This is an added advantage since large databases produce much more accurate results, case study on data mining. Other methods that are used in data predictions are; a Decision trees These are tree shaped structures that represent particular sets of decisions.

They generate rules for database classification. They are characterized through training and they resemble biological neural network structures Campilho, These statistical significances are calculated and then induced using mathematical calculations with the help of some important formulas. Some statistical methods are used to establish such classifications, case study on data mining.

They use neighborhoods methods to come up with such conclusions Masseglia, This is what mathematicians call projection. Through the use of previous data and present information, one can be able to calculate and predict the future with a certain level of certainty.

The technique that is used to perform these features is called modeling. Now, modeling is the act of building a set of mathematical relationships based on data from situations where the answer is known and then applying the model to other situations where the answer is yet to be established.

This technique of modeling has brought about better solutions to our day to day problems and it is way too faster than manually calculating variables. Time is money so we are told; hence by applying such techniques we can be able save time and subsequently save money, case study on data mining. For instance if you want to establish the age bracket of those that usually purchase the most of your commodity not considering gender but considering where they come from, this can also be done.

Modeling is not only important to find out such information it can also be useful in determining your competitors and give to you a hint on where to establish a branch for your company and expect great income from those branches. As the marketing director you have access to a lot of information like the credit history of your customers and your clients.

Such information is very vital and without it, you may cause the bank to become bankrupt or incur huge losses Mayr, Although the processing of data may be limited by the type of computer being used it is still very helpful in data manipulation. The more the data you have, the larger the computer that is needed so as to processes it.

If at all the computer is small with a small processing unit, it can be very difficult to process faster all that data and in turn may cause overheating for the computer.

For this purpose, it is recommended for huge data to be stored in large computers which are fit with large storage capacity and high processing unit, case study on data mining. Mainframe computers are recommended for large amounts of data, case study on data mining. If you are dealing with low quantity data a personal computer can be used since it does not require much space and the processing unit is relatively low.

Therefore the computer to be used is dependent on the amount of data that is to be calculated. Uses of Data Mining There is no particular area where data mining cannot be used, case study on data mining. Due to its effectiveness and its efficiency, most institutions prefer this system. This helps to save time and money. For instance, in pharrmaceutical institutions, it helps to ensure there is no order that is made twice on something that had already been ordered before.

Some companies use it to know which area to invest more due to high income and which area to invest less money. Governments in particular, use it to estimate the growth rate in the country and case study on data mining know how well to distribute its resources.

This also helps to monitor the growth rate of a country and how it is faring in the economic case study on data mining. Per capita income is case study on data mining calculated using models that are already established Ordones, This is very useful since the survey is not dose year after year for the government to know the number of people in the country.

This is made easy since all the government has to do is to use the laid out patterns to establish the growth rate or death rate of its people. Some initiatives like jobs for the youth are initiated when the number of unemployed people reaches an alarming stage.


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case study on data mining


Data Mining Case Study: Data mining is the complicated process which is characterized with the collection and analysis of the unknown data and its transformation into simpler algorithms which are known by the people who do not have mathematical education in order to use this data in various spheres of human life.. Data mining is closely connected with computer science and studies the . Hi, "DocvK" here preparing for using SAS & R for a fall semester class in Predictive Analytics. I intend to base this course on case studies and thus I am in search of such. GADL Journal of Inventions in Computer Science and Communication Technology (JICSCT) ISSN(O): Volume 3 – Issue 4,-July-Aug A CASE STUDY ON DATA MINING AND DATA WAREHOUSE 1 2 Richa Mewara, Sarvesh Singh Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, JVWU Jaipur ABSTRACT This paper shows information and new application A data warehouse provides us generalized and consolidated data .