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Human Resource Management Assignment Sample for University Students. Get free samples on every module by experts of Instant Assignment Help & score A+ grade/5(K). Do you often lose your sleep over your pending human resource assignment? Do you end up searching for human resource assignment help more often than not? Well, if you are struggling to finish your human resource paper on your own, you have come to the right place. is the leading. Assignment on Human Resource Management (HRM) Abstract/Executive Summary Human resource management means the management of a business’s or an organization’s human resource. Its task is selection, attraction, training, rewarding, assessment of employees and forecasting organizational culture and leadership and ensuring compliance with.

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We are pioneer in btec hnd assignments since more than 7 years and have provided btec hnd assignment help for students around the world. Assignments Articles and Dissertation, assignment on hrm. Home My Frontpage. HRM is the most important element of an organization which helps the organization to reach its desire goal. HRM do a lot of jobs from recruiting to cessation. British Gas is the biggest and well reputed energy company of the UK and they are supplying various kinds of products and services.

HR manages the recruiting, motivation and reward and cessation. Its task is selection, attraction, training, rewarding, assessment of employees and forecasting organizational culture and leadership and ensuring compliance with employment and labour laws.

HR also makes a good relation with collective bargaining agreement CBA and other labour unions. Human relations movement create HR which creates business value through the strategic movement of the employees. At the beginning of HRM, it was only responsible for benefits and payroll administration works. But later company consolidation, globalization, assignment on hrm, technological advancement and research, HR now concentrate on strategic initiatives like talent management, planning, assignment on hrm, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, labour relations, industrial assignment on hrm diversity and inclusion.

A newly setup companies have trained professionals or non HR personnel, but big companies have well trained and specialized HR professionals for individual departments. Now there are many institutes or education centres to teach this profession and most of the organizations arrange training to teach HR to their employees.

The UK energy market is very vibrant. Clients are looking for better deals and if they find better services and deals they switch suppliers. So it is very competitive market and all organizations are trying to provide better services and products. For providing better and better service and products they must have skilled workforce otherwise it is quite impossible to reach its desire goal. Personnel Management and Human Resource Management. Personnel management and human resource management is quite similar but there are some philosophical change.

Personnel management mainly related to administrative works like obeying with employment law, dealing with payroll, and handling related tasks, assignment on hrm. On contrary, Human resource is responsible for controlling and managing the workforce which has direct contribution to the success of an organization. Human resource has more working scope than personnel management. Human resource management is responsible to develop and incorporate personal management tasks of the workers to increase the reputation of the organization.

It helps an employee to maximize his efficiency. Personnel management includes traditional and routine administrative works. Personnel management is often considering as a self-regulating function of an organization. Assignment on hrm the other hand, HRM is an integral part of whole company function.

Personnel management motivate employees regarding bonuses, compensation, simplification of work responsibility and rewards to improve their performance. On the other hand, HRM hold this performance. The HRM is responsible for those specific functions like. The HRM function plays the role of caring unit of the human capital which allow the organization internally efficient and to stay competitive in external market. It is a continuous investment of money to train current stuffs.

HRM function is generally considered as a reliable business partner of an organization. Without creativity HRM function is really worthless; creativity introduce functioning assignment on hrm to management population to have a trust.

The HRM function is about a trust, assignment on hrm. To build trust and rapport among the management population it needs time. For getting perfect result or reaching its desire destination, normally it takes 3 years.

HRM works as a finance department of an organization as it develops procedures, processes and tools for the assignment on hrm and top managements to conduct and mange the process in their individual department, assignment on hrm.

Line managers are those to whom every employees or team report directly and who is responsible to inform his higher management level about those teams or employees. Line manager is a bottom line manager. Line managers monitor employees and give their reports to their department heads. All employees are related to HR department, line manager and employees organization. Line manager plays an important role in recruitment, assignment on hrm.

If line manager needs employees for his work, he first informs HR and then HR analysis the field and mange some people to recruit. Line manager plays an important role in selection of employees as he takes the interviews.

In most of the cases line manager need to communicate properly to HRM. If any employees need any kind of incentives or special training, line manger inform HR or his departmental head assignment on hrm provide those to increase the efficiency of employees. If employees work effectively, assignment on hrm, it is easy to reach the desire destination of an organization.

Line manager always has good connection with HRM. Line manager do day-to-day people management, quality checking, work progress monitoring, operational performance measuring, customer dealing, allocating work and rotas, providing technical expertise, managing operational costs and so on.

HRM has various legal and regulatory frameworks on stuffing, compensations and benefits, employee regulation and employee maintenance and welfares. For stuffing there are various acts like the child labour act, the employment exchange compulsory notification of vacancies act, the apprentice act-the contract labour regulation and abolition act and bonded labourer abolition act For compensations and benefits there are some acts like the payment of wages act, the minimum wages act, the payment of bonus act, the equal remuneration act The employee regulation acts are the trade union act, the industrial dispute act, the industrial employment standing orders act-the sales promotion employees condition of service act Those legal and regulatory frameworks have a great assignment on hrm on HRM.

HRM needs to follow those acts in the business environment. If HRM does not follow those acts, if anyone inform it to any law enforcing force, assignment on hrm, they will take immediate steps against the company.

So HRM are responsible to practice those acts in the organization for smooth operation. The human resource planning process begins with considering the organizational strategies and objectives.

Then both internal and external assessment of HR needs and supply sources must be evaluated and predictions build up, assignment on hrm.

Human resource planning process is assignment on hrm important for British Gas. British Gas is the largest and most promising energy supplier in the UK. British Gas needs to maintain the competitive position of the company within the energy market. UK customers are very dynamic and they are always looking for better standards and services.

For providing highest standards and services British Gas needs high-level skills and expertises. After selection those people need top quality training to compete with other companies and learn new technologies. British Gas is doing good profit in the UK because they provide high standard of products and services with competitive price.

British Gas has top class engineering team and they need more highly skilled engineers. HR planning process help to recruit those engineers and it is assignment on hrm cost effective as they are skilled they need less training.

HR planning process help British Gas to do more profit and maintain its high standard of service and products. Human resource planning is very important to meet business goals and gain a competitive advantage over competitors. It compares the present condition of the organization with its destination for the future, and then it determines what changes need to do to meet those goals.

Overview of the human resource planning process. HR forecasting tries to determine the demand and supply for different kinds of human resources and to forecast areas within the organization where there will be labor surpluses or shortages. There are 3 steps of forecasting. Forecasting Assignment on hrm requirements or demand analysis predict future stuffing needs.

This is determined by managerial estimates, sales projections, simulations, vacancy analysis. Forecasting HR availability or supply analysis predict the worker flows and availabilities. It was determined by doing labour market analysis, personnel ratios, Markov analysis, skills inventories and succession or replacement charts. British Gas: if there is any vacant position or they are intended to recruit new employees then they give the advertisement in their webpage or newspaper, assignment on hrm.

They ask for online application submission or dropping their application to the HRM office. After receiving the application they informed the applicant that they got the application and it is being progressed, assignment on hrm.

Then it will be reviewed by their recruitment team or the recruiting manager, assignment on hrm. If the applicant experience and skills match to the job criteria then they call him for a telephone interview. Sometimes they will take the interview in their central assessment venues, assignment on hrm. This interview contains behavioural and technical competency and other assessment tools like work-based scenarios, role-plays, presentation and group exercises. In the interview session applicant must bring his passport, driving licence or proof of address.



assignment on hrm


Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its functions. Human resources or the employees are most valued asset for the organisations and therefore it is essential to ensure the proper management of the same which will ultimately prove to be helpful in the achievement of the desired results of the organisation (Bratton and Gold, ). Do you often lose your sleep over your pending human resource assignment? Do you end up searching for human resource assignment help more often than not? Well, if you are struggling to finish your human resource paper on your own, you have come to the right place. is the leading. Human Resource Management Assignment Sample for University Students. Get free samples on every module by experts of Instant Assignment Help & score A+ grade/5(K).